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Whether you’re an experienced daddy or a new addition to the sugar bowl, a handbook to navigate the world of sugar dating is a must-have. Of the myriad guides available, stands head and shoulders above the rest. As the premier authority on sugar dating, its purpose is simple: to ferry you across the foggy waters of online sugar dating and help you live the lifestyle of your dreams. introduces daddies and babies to the oft-misunderstood idea of this unusual kind of relationship. This website offers a comprehensive guide to sugar dating in a safe and mutually beneficial way. Naturally then, should be the first port of call for anyone on their sugar dating journey. Website Overview is a super user-friendly and easy to navigate website. The home page eases readers into the concept of sugar relationships. This includes explanations of common arrangements, benefits, and what babies and daddies might expect from the experience. The rest of the site is neatly separated into three sections.

The first is a collection of in-depth guides composed by the expert analysts of Each guide thoroughly considers the pros and cons of the approaches it recommends. The second is a composition of reviews for prominent sugar dating sites. Here, has rigorously tested and reviewed dozens of sugar dating platforms. Lastly, the third section directs users to the website’s blog, which has a series of insightful articles for would-be sugar daddies.

Sugar Daddy In-depth Guide

Yes, a sugar daddy guide is the best place to start for newbies. And no, it’s not a good idea to throw away the instruction manual before jumping in the deep end. Read ahead for a summary of the detailed guides on

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Guide #1. How to Find a Baby

Daddies in search of sugar babies are faced with a plethora of options, the best of which are specialized, online sugar daddy platforms. These websites are focused on sugar arrangements. That's why it’s guaranteed that the babies there are interested in such relationships. That saves daddies from haphazard propositions to potentially uninterested women.

However, there are other methods too. These include: using tinder-esque apps, advertising sites like Craigslist, letting relationships develop organically, recommendations from friends who may know of interested sugar babies, and also freestyle dating. There’s no incorrect answer, and choosing a method is about finding the right fit for you.

Guide #2. Sugar Baby Allowance

Financial arrangements are a special question indeed. Especially when considering what are the appropriate sums and ways to give. There exist two approaches that consist of a Pay-Per-Visit option, with the amount varying depending on what kind of date you agree on; and an allowance you will need to pay every month.

The Pay-Per-Visit approach is best when daddies are not eager to meet really often, or if they’re seeing multiple babies at a time. And a monthly payment is best for mid-to-long term arrangements. Daddies should also be prepared to pay for extra expenses, including small gifts, restaurants, and taxi bills.

Most importantly, babies and daddies should clarify all the financial arrangements, preferably even before you got the first date. Otherwise, you can always discuss it on the go. Money is generally paid in cash or by bank transfer but can be paid by using Paypal too.

Guide #3. Sugar Relationship Rules

During all over the period of sugar dating, we can define rules that should be generally observed. Notably, you’d better talk about all the conditions right during the first date. Keep in mind that at the dinner daddies should expect to pick up the bill. Note that it’s also a good idea to bring a small gift, and not to expect intimacy on the first meeting.

During later dates, when intimacy does arise, remember that the sugar has the right to insist on using contraception. You should also try to find new and exciting ways to spend time together, including concerts or even trips away. As well, it’s important to remember that romantic feelings should not generally be expressed.

Guide #4. How to Fill Daddy’s Profile

Everyone knows that first impressions count. And having a standout sugar daddy profile can go a long way to finding the baby you’re looking for. You should select your photos carefully to show off your personal brand, and remember that candid photos are usually best. It’s not all about aesthetics, though. Catchy bio, including your needs and expectations, the type of woman you are eager to find are just as important. Here, like with most things, it’s best not to beat around the bush. Try to be as authentic and direct as possible.

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Guide #5 Setting up Mutually Beneficial Arrangements

Sugar arrangements must never be only one-sided. But knowing how to lay the groundwork for mutually beneficial arrangements can be tough. Both sides need to inform each other about their expectations as well as limits and desires. As a rule, this includes: their expectations about the age range and money, and whether they’re open to any sexual intercourse during the arrangement. The key is to discuss it really honestly. Then, this kind of relationship will be a joy for both daddy and a sugar baby.

Guide #6 Sugar Dating Tips for the First Date

Just like impressing any of the women with your online profile, you need to live up to your image on the first date too. Daddies should be open about their feelings with sugar babies and build their interest in engaging authentic conversation. Avoid small talk, and be sure to smile and maintain eye contact. Most importantly, be a gentleman!

You should remember to treat her with respect, on the first date and all the dates thereafter. While she might partially depend on you for financial benefits, this doesn’t entitle you to be disrespectful or intrusive. Finally, be kind and generous. Having someone to pamper and share your lifestyle with can be extremely fulfilling and improve the connection between you and your sugar baby.

Guide #7. the Legalities in Sugar Dating Arrangements

Sugar dating is not the same as social escorting or prostitution. Sugar arrangements are not explicit arrangements for sex. Though, this doesn’t mean that sex isn’t apart of such relationships. The difference is that daddies compensate their babies for their time and companionship. Not for sex, which may or may not follow as part of the relationship. As such, it’s entirely legal. Although, as always, where there is sexual intimacy, there should be clear consent from both parties. And it must never be forced or coerced.

Guide #8. Sugar Daddy Scams and How to Avoid Them

For as long as there has been dating, the scammers were the common thing too. It includes sugar dating too. Luckily, there are some telltale signs to help babies spot when a daddy might be taking advantage of them, and precautions that babies can take to stay safe. As a rule, the first date should be well-though to avoid any kind of danger or scam. Also, it’s important to keep your personal information in a secret and do not share it if you are not sure about a person’s honesty. All arrangements should bring the benefits for both sides. If you suspect you’re being taken advantage of, it’s best to pull the plug on the relationship.

Top Websites Global Overview has rigorously tested and reviewed dozens of prominent sugar dating platforms. It also has a FAQ section, so that users can benefit from others’ questions.

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Best of all, it ranks the standout features of each platform for your consideration. This bespoke feature saves you hours of trial and error, to help you easily find the perfect site to meet your needs.

The Structure of the Reviews

In our reviews, we examine various aspects that include:

Apart from a detailed review of the web version of the sites, we take into consideration the mobile application. We pay attention its features as well as functions available for free and paying members.

The Rating Evaluation Process

To get a higher score, the website must meet all the requirements to a greater or lesser extent. The safety and a decent database are some of the essential factors to get into the list of top-rated sugar relationship platforms.

sugar daddy top sites

Besides, we count ease of use, customer service, profile quality, and value for money. Thus, only the most appropriate services can be shown in our overview section.

sugar daddy top sites

Official Sugar Daddy Blog

The official sugar daddy blog has a collection of articles addressing common questions, problems, and situations in sugar dating: from gift ideas for your sugar baby, to commentary on whether your sugar baby can have a relationship with anyone else.

sugar daddy top sites

What’s especially cool is that, at the bottom of each article, there’s a description of the author. It shows how each is an expert in his or her field. Certainly, the blog is essential viewing for any would-be sugar daddy.


If you’re just setting out on your sugar dating journey and looking for a sugar baby of your dreams, is the site you’ll need to start your sugar life.

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